Projektbeschreibung en

Intended purpose

This short text can be used to decribe our project. This is useful for trade show catalogues for example. Such descriptions are usually requested from organizers when you want to register a stand or recitation for that project.

It should be as short as possible to explain the project in its universe.

You can use this text as a blueprint for your own formulation. Incitations and emendations should also flow back into this text.

Project description: The text

The Ubuntu project settled its way so that Linux can be more accessible to a bigger mass. And it should never mind how much knowledge or handicaps are available. Everybody should be able to use the computer as support for different tasks or spending his free time.

It is not the main reason to keep the Ubuntu project as easy as possible but also to make the access to the community and to cooperate on the project in the easiest way.

To lighten the entrance Ubuntu delivers the most important applications (office applications, browsers, e-mail programs, ...) straight with. The main devise is to have only one application for one aim and not to confuse beginners.

Ubuntu will be issued every six months to make new developments and betterments in a stable enviroment available to every user.

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